It appears to me that the majority of the human race has been afflicted since the early days of 2020 by the bombardment of quackery science and mis-information! And this is just the tip of the ice-berg… the fear, the depression, the suicidal thoughts, the dis-ease has been off the scales as the human race tries to cope with what has been dished up for it to digest!

What I have come to realise is that the only power we have as individuals is checking in with ourselves and “critically” assessing what is right, what is wrong, and what feels truthful. The big thing in all of this is that we need to wipe our minds from what has been taught to us by the establishments. We need to go within and relearn what it is to be a human being and be fully grateful for what Divine Source (or God, or the Creator) has given us.

We are living in a “human-construct”! This “construct” has been put in place to shape the way we think, the way we communicate, the way we act and react, and the way we have relationship with others and with ourselves. This doesn’t allow us to grow our unique human potential. This “construct” is to keep us from knowing, understanding, and shining!

For the majority this leaves us flat and unsettling, affecting our mind, our emotions, and our body… and as a consequence results in mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dis-ease! And lets not even get started in how our air, our water, and our food is being constantly tampered with! We are told it is all for our health and wellbeing. Meanwhile, billions upon billions of dollars are made from our sufferings and dis-ease! We are the by-product of their goliath money-machine-economy.

They say that if the human race functions as one then the world will be a better place. But I see this as the problem because who decides that for humanity? And as we are seeing, it isn’t working; the potential of humanity will be the downfall of it. Individuality and finding one’s purpose and sharing that with the world will allow mankind to evolve at a faster and more wholistic humanitarian rate.

So the question I pose is… Where is YOUR mind?

Does it live in fear and scarcity? or does it live in love and abundance?

This beautiful earth is filled with love and abundance which can be seen daily in how nature shows itself to us. Sadly, most of humanity has slipped into fear and scarcity. Take note of your conversations, how you speak to yourself, what you see on “theatre-tv”, or what you read in the newspapers. Look at your compulsive habits and what are they focused on. We live in a pre-fabricated human-construct which leaves us weak and powerless, and constantly in survival-mode.

Our mind and the way we look at the outside world is totally our own responsibility. No person, no institution, no corporation, no government, no nothing has the power to make you think otherwise unless you let them! So take your power back and be your own autonomy!…

Fear is a lens to nowhere good

Your programmed sub-conscious filters your reality

So how do we go about unlearning everything we have learned? Well that’s not an easy task and certainly you can’t go about it like a computer’s operating system being wiped to start all over again. Our reality is inside our head so to speak so the best we can do is challenge our sub-conscious bit by bit and have it get used to the new reality that we envisage.

The areas where you can get back control over your sub-conscious are many but let’s look at the most impactful ones (this is a very brief overview and should be followed up with further research as suggested below in Helpful Tools)…

Listen to how you talk to yourself. What type of language are you using? what is the tone you use?are your words compassionate or critical? do you use positive or negative reinforcing words? is it your own dialogue or is it conditioned from your past, maybe your childhood? are you supporting yourself or tearing yourself down? Finding out how you self-talk is very important and you might ask why?… You, I, the plants, the Earth, the Universe are all made out of energy! Energy that forms itself into building blocks organising itself into anything that you can imagine. Your self-talk is also energy and it affects your physicality as much as your surroundings (the lore of attraction) inviting more of the same into your life. 

What is it that you want? This can be a physical, material, emotional, or a spiritual need. We often have an excuse of why we can’t achieve it. The “human-construct” has conditioned that into us, it has conditioned us to believe that we are unworthy of having or being more than we are; we use our consciousness to sabotage ourselves and wish things into our lives that trip us up and give us more of what we don’t want! Whilst positive self-talk is very important in manifesting what you want in your life it is equally important to use imagination and feeling, using it in such a way that you draw to you what you want in your life! In this way you become the magnet for what you want to manifest.

Trust and be rewarded. We are living in a world of duality - night/day, up/down, male/female, etc… What is common to duality is that they are in relationship with one another, and it is the same with us and the Universe. Trust is a big part of the relationship. You have asked for what you want and now you need to totally trust that the Universe has your back and in time it will be presented to you in the way it needs to be. To set your intent is equivalent to you making an online order. You are very certain that you will receive that order in the mail but you are not totally sure of the timing. In other words it is out of your hands. The Universe works the same way. You have put in your order for manifestation and know it is out of your hands as the Universe delivers… Trust and it is so!

In the meantime, because of your stated intent, your needed actions will start to reflect and influence your needed journey to make good on the outcome…

Helpful Tools

To help you further in getting back your mind and improving your self-talk, you might find the following tools helpful and supportive…


- The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho)

- The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)

- Good Vibes, Good Life (Vex King)

- The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life (Dr Tara Swart)

- Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life (Richard Rohr)


- Fire & Soul Podcast

- Manifestation Babe Podcast

- Mindset To Manifestation


- Boho Beautiful Free 14 day Meditation Practice

- Boho Beautiful Mind & Body Lifestyle Program


- The Manifestation Roadmap Guide (Stephanie Veltman)

- The Secret Of Manifestation (Paul Birnie)

- Manifestation Journal (The Lightbearer Center)

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